QuinteQ Technology

What is a flywheel?

  • In essence, a flywheel is a rotating mass that stores kinetic energy
  • The concept can be traced back to the Neolithic spindle and potter’s wheel
  • Flywheels used for energy storage are enclosed in a vacuum and levitated to reduce energy losses from friction

The Physics

  • Energy increases linearly with mass and by a power of two with rim speed
  • Steel rotors need to compensate with weight to match energy content of high speed (carbon) composite rotors
  • Manufacturing costs approach cost of materials when scale is reached; Building  faster and smarter is the winning formula
  • Controlling vibrations is essential for operating at high speeds and large diameters

The QuinteQ Advantage

  • Complete stability control at all speeds
  • Zero mechanical contact of moving parts
  • The Enabling IP is patented; competing technologies are effectively blocked from achieving similar performance levels
  • The use of advanced materials with high tensile strength will allow QuinteQ to experience energy density improvements that far outpace breakthroughs in battery technologies